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Our Supervisors and Facilitators

Every great mind was once taught by some brilliant teachers.

Our team of dedicated professionals share the common goal to provide our students with the very best preparation for general registration with PsyBA and their career as a psychologist.

Our staff and supervisors have expert knowledge of the core competencies and attributes required for registration and early career psychologists. We have a genuine belief that, by expanding the competencies and practical experience of psychologists, we make a positive contribution to the mental well-being of the wider community.

We provide personalised attention and support to each of our interns, ensuring that their transition to a career in psychology is a smooth one. In addition to their individual supervisors, interns are encouraged to seek confidential support and advice from any member of our team.

Meet some of our Supervisors

PhD Clin Psych, Grad Cert Family Therapy

Erin Todd is a Clinical Psychologist with over 17 years of experience in mental health and healthcare settings. She has a rich history of working in various hospitals throughout Australia, where she provided essential psychological support to children and their families during diagnoses and treatment of chronic illness, trauma, and injury. Additionally, Erin has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults to help them manage their emotional difficulties. Currently, she practices in a private setting.

BPsychSc, BA(Psych)Hons, GradDipProfPsych, MAAPi

Nova Delaney is a psychologist who specializes in Minority Stress, Power Dynamics, and Family Violence within the LGBTIQA+ community, as well as Neurodiversity. Despite completing her internship in 2017, Nova became a Generally registered Psych in 2019 and has recently obtained Board Approval as a Supervisor. Her practice exclusively involves Tele-health services for NDIS, Medicare, EAP, and Workcover Clients.

BSocSc, BA(Hons), MSocSc.

Arthie Maharaj has been practicing as a psychologist since 2005, initially in South Africa for seven years and, since 2012, in Australia. Her current work role is at a private mental health hospital, where she specializes in assessment and group facilitation. Arthie is well-versed in DBT, RO DBT, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma (first responders and civilians), and Perinatal Groups (Postnatal Depression and Circle of Security). She has completed intensive training in DBT through the Linehan Institute and is currently pursuing RO DBT training with the treatment developer. Arthie also has formal training in CBT, ACT, and Schema Therapy. Since 2015, she has been working as a Board-approved supervisor and has a diverse background that includes roles at headspace, MindSpot Clinic, school counselling with Catholic Education, private practice, and serving as an NDIS provider. Arthie is deeply passionate about supporting and encouraging fellow health professionals and actively participates in DBT and RO DBT consultation.


Tina Wang obtained her general registration in 2017 through the COPP internship program. She has served as a school counsellor since 2010 with the NSW Department of Education, working with young children, adolescents, and their families across multiple Metropolitan schools. Tina’s current roles include counselling at a special school and a selective high school in the Northern Sydney region. Prior to becoming a Board-approved supervisor, Tina worked as a contractor in private practice for three years, primarily addressing anxiety and depression, along with interpersonal relationship challenges. Since April 2021, Tina has been supervising COPP interns and thoroughly enjoys supporting and learning from interns with a diverse range of psychology-based roles.

BAPsych, M Rehabilitation Counselling, BA Sociology

Janet Alexander is a psychologist with a passion for psychology and the study of human behaviour, with years of experience in organizations dealing with Organizational Psychology, Trauma, Gambling Addictions, and other mental health problems. She has run her psychology business for the past 15 years, dealing with children and adults with a wide range of mental health problems, including Victims of Crime, Domestic Violence, Workers Compensation, and having a wide referral base. At the moment, she is interested in and doing additional study in Performance Anxiety in the Arts.

BAHons, GradDipEd, MAppliedPsych.

Amanda is a Registered Psychologist, Member APS, and Member ANZICA. Over the past 35 years, Amanda has provided counselling to individuals and couples. She is an accredited Couples Counsellor (Relationships Australia) and an Executive Member of the Australia & New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association. In addition to her work in private practice, Amanda has been a member of various specialized healthcare teams, providing support services for eating disorders, infertility, and cancer. She greatly enjoys being contracted to write and present educational seminars in these areas. Amanda also works for a national cancer organization, providing supervision for their Cancer Counsellors throughout Australia. She is a qualified teacher and has trained thousands of students in counselling skills and related subjects at universities, government organizations, and private counselling colleges. Amanda has a strong interest in the history of psychotherapy and the way in which different therapeutic approaches have emerged from significant historical events and movements. As a teacher and supervisor, she has a keen focus on skills that maintain a strong therapeutic alliance. Her background in Gestalt therapy means that she highlights awareness of the process that occurs between the therapist and client and ways to use this process therapeutically.

MA Psychology, BA Psychology

Amy Howie has over 20 years of experience as a general psychologist and has been working in her own home-based solo private practice in Brisbane for the last 10 years. She completed supervisor training almost 5 years ago and started supervising interns privately in early 2022, offering individual and group supervision. She has also provided individual and group supervision and mentoring to other counsellors and psychologists throughout the last 10 years. In her clinical work, she predominantly works with adults who present with a range of issues, including anxiety, trauma, and stress, as well as chronic pain and adjustment disorders. She mainly draws from ACT, CBT, Schema Therapy, DBT, and EMDR models in her work.

PGDip Psychology, GradDip Psychology, Dip of Applied Counselling, BA Science

Elizabeth Hayes holds general registration and has a keen interest in chronic pain and trauma presentations. Currently, she works as part of a multidisciplinary team managing chronic pain at a private clinic. Her previous roles include private practice, working with NSW Health in a court diversion program for offenders with drug dependencies, and providing supervision to community counsellors. She likes to work from a trauma-informed perspective, incorporating ACT, Schema, EMDR, and Internal Family Systems into her work.

Master of Ed & Dev. Psychology, Fellow of the College of Ed and Dev. Psychology (FCEDP)

Kirsten Nicole Chalmers originates from South Africa, where she completed her honors degree in psychology in 1995. She has worked in Human Resources at various blue-chip companies, counselling, managing, and recruiting staff. Kirsten also ran the GAMIAN Special Educational Project on Depression and Suicide for the South African Depression & Anxiety Group. On migrating to Australia in 2001, Kirsten continued to work in the corporate arena, running the graduate recruitment program for Accenture and training management staff in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Korea on Interviewing Methodology. In 2005, she returned to study while having her children and completed her Masters in Educational & Developmental Psychology at the University of Melbourne in 2009. She co-published a journal article based on her thesis. In 2010, she opened her own practice and has been working with children, adolescents, and their families ever since. Kirsten is Eda & Dev endorsed and an AHPRA approved supervisor. She has experience providing therapeutic support for a broad range of concerns, including depression and anxiety, ADHD, ASD, OCD, behavioural and social problems, parenting, and more.

DPsych Applied Psychology (Community), MSuicidology, Grad Dip (Community Psychology), BA (Multidisciplinary), MAPS, FCCOM


Lyn O’Grady is an experienced Community Psychologist with a particular interest in the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people and families as well as suicidality.

Lyn’s work history has included roles within the education, health and community sectors.  She has worked with parents in parenting programs and individually at the community level and in schools for over 20 years. Lyn also worked as a school psychologist in the Western Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. She currently works part time in private practice as well as with the College.

Following completion of a Master of Suicidology in 2017, Lyn now conducts training, consultation and writing in relation to suicide prevention. She is also the author of a book for parents titled “Keeping our Kids Alive: Parenting a Suicidal Young Person”.

BArts, Grad Dip App Psych

Donn is a generalist psychologist based in Perth, Western Australia. He has more than 15 years experience in counselling and therapy working with individuals (adolescents to older adult), couples and families in the areas of mental health, adolescent issues, relationships and employee assistance programs. This has been across a variety of settings including working in community mental health, NGOs and the private sector. He utilises common evidence-based interventions when assisting clients (e.g. traditional CBT) and has received training in specialised areas such as DBT and Gottman Couples Therapy. He is a STAP-trained and accredited supervisor (Qld) for higher education and the 4+2 pathway under the current AHPRA scheme. He considers each supervision session an excellent opportunity for continued growth and learning for both supervisor and intern.

B App Sc (Psych) M Psych (Counselling), Postgrad Dip (Counselling)

Mary-Anne is a Counselling Psychologist who possesses a passion for working with both individuals and couples. She was employed for many years in both government and non-government agencies prior to establishing her private practice.

Having worked predominantly in the alcohol and drug and mental health fields, Mary-Anne is flexible in her approach and happy to work with people on a short, medium or long-term basis. Mary-Anne enjoys watching people resolve their difficulties and move towards a more positive future. Trained in a range of modalities, Mary-Anne is able to tailor her approach to the individual needs of each client. She believes in supporting and empowering people to make positive long-term changes.

Mary-Anne left private practice to work in a women’s health service where women can access a range of services and programs at one location. While the clients present with a range of difficulties the bulk of the work is in relation to domestic violence, mental health problems and alcohol and drug use. In addition to her counselling skills, Mary-Anne also uses hypnosis with many of her clients which has positive results. She finds the professional and supportive approach taken by the College enables the interns to enjoy supervision while developing into well rounded psychologists.

B Psych (Hons), Grad Dip Professional Psych.

Monika is a registered psychologist with experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has worked in several settings including tertiary academic environments, primary and high schools, and private practice. Monika has experience working with a range of presentations and predominantly draws from the following therapies: ACT, CBT, MI, Schema Therapy and EFT. Monika has also provided professional development training in the education sector and has facilitated several workshops in the College’s professional development program.

Monika also provides supervision to provisional psychologists undertaking the 4+2 or 5+1 pathways. Monika’s approach to supervision includes offering tailored professional mentoring to help clinicians recognise their unique strengths and cultivate a sense of confidence as clinicians. She enjoys working with provisional psychologists to assist them to find a style of working that feels authentic to them and provides a space for clinicians to reflect on their practice, collaborate on clinical decision making, develop their skills and core competencies, and hone their capacity to engage in effective self-care. Monika’s approach to supervision strives to balance progress towards registration and the completion of hurdles, with flexibility in acknowledging the many demands provisional psychologists navigate. Her approach to supervision would suit clinicians with an interest in a collaborative supervision style that emphasises a balance between exploration and action.

BA (Psychology & Sociology), Graduate Diploma Applied Psychology.

My goal and passion is to see provisional psychologists become the best person they can be enhancing their competency as psychologists. This promotes good practice and outcomes and improves the reputation of psychologists as a profession.

My approach is to help the provisional psychologist increase self-awareness, create a safe place for them to explore what is important to them, is about teaching them the basic and more complex skills of helping clients change and grow through therapeutic techniques, work better with more challenging clients and getting through the arduous road of registration.

Bachelor of Psychological Science, Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced.

Jen Riches is an experienced psychologist and provides services to children, young people and adults. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector and in private practice. Jen supports people experiencing a range of complex mental health issues including depression, anxiety, personality disorders and trauma. She also has a special interest in ADHD and neurodiversity. Jen is passionate about providing professional, down to earth and practical psychology services to our Darwin community and beyond.

Jen draws from a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Lego Based Therapy.

Jen brings empathy, warmth and compassion to supervision and takes an individualised approach to each person.

BPsych, MBA, MPH

Tan Rheza has experience working in various settings including community, inpatient and private practice settings, with a keen interest in supporting young people and their families overcome mental health issues.

He works with young people and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, self harm, adjustment issues at school or work, bullying, school refusal, behavioural issues, personality disorders, bipolar disorders and psychosis.

Tan Rheza is trained in the following therapies:
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
• Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
• Schema Therapy
• Solution Focussed Therapy

Tan Rheza mainly follows the integrated developmental model approach in clinical supervision. This model acknowledges the stages of development experienced by provisional psychologists.

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Doctor of Psychology (Clin).

Gavin Brown is an experienced psychologist who holds clinical endorsement with AHPRA. He is also a Gottman Certified Therapist with a special focus on treating couples. Gavin has also completed training in areas including Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR), Schema Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Gavin’s supervision style draws on a reflective practice model with a focus on interpersonal process. He is interested in the ‘person of the therapist’ and its impact on therapy. 

BPsych, MTeaching

Ellen is a registered psychologist with expertise in counselling and assessment of children and adolescents, particularly in neurodiversity as well as intellectual disabilities.

She also has knowledge and expertise in the educational impact of mental health conditions and diagnoses as well as navigating the school systems for children, adolescents and their families.

She also provides counselling for parents whose children are displaying challenging behaviours.

As a supervisor she has a warm, collaborative and reflective approach focused on developing the psychologist’s ability to reflect on and develop their practical skills as well as their own self-care. At the end of their supervision with Ellen, the supervisee’s will have grown not only in their knowledge and practical skills but also in their ability to apply strategies to allow them to continually develop as a Psychologist.