Work in addition to placement

Provisional psychologists enrolled in approved higher degree programs such as Master of Professional Psychology or Master of Clinical Psychology who wish to work as a provisional psychologist in addition to the requirements of their degree must seek Board approval to work in any position external to their university placements where:

  • the title ‘provisional psychologist’ or any other title that could reasonably be taken to mean the person is a provisional psychologist will be used,
  • the individual engages in psychological practice in any role that involves direct client contact, whether voluntary or paid.

The Board requirements for working in addition to higher degree study include

  • regular psychological supervision by a Board approved supervisor at the rate of one-hour supervision per 17.5 psychological practice hours.
  • The supervisor must observe at least two client sessions where psychological services are provided every six months.
  • A progress report must be submitted to the Board every six months

The College of Professional Psychology can provide you with individual and group supervision needed to meet the required ratio based on your work hours. We also provide support and guidance with direct observations as well as all required AHPRA paperwork.


To enrol in our Work In Addition to Placement Program, you must be completing a higher degree program and be seeking to work in a psychological role in addition to the requirements of your degree.

Program applicants are required to undergo a selection process that consists of an application and a structured interview. This process gives both the applicant and the College the opportunity to ensure that our program fits with your individual needs and goals.


The College of Professional Psychology was founded on the principle that by providing psychologists with the best professional and practical skills, they can go on to make a positive contribution to the mental well-being of the wider community.

Our supervisors, keen to give back and support the psychology profession, provide their time and expertise at a rate that allows us to keep our program fees to a minimum.

Your Work in Addition to placement fees are calculated after your interview based on your proposed working hours and therefore, your program needs.