Transition Program

Applicants for registration as a psychologist in Australia who have overseas psychology qualifications are required to complete a transitional program to become eligible for general registration.

We support our students to create a transition program to submit to AHPRA based on the student’s previous experience and identified gaps in their knowledge. These programs include Professional Development workshops based on the eight core competencies of psychological practice, assessment tasks to demonstrate knowledge and skill and other e-learning and supervision-based activities such as direct observations to ensure achievement of all AHPRA requirements.

The Transition program requires

  • at least 210 hours of psychological practice in an approved work role over a minimum of 12 weeks in continuous calendar months, for at least 17.5 hours per week,
  • at least six hours of individual supervision with a Board-approved supervisor, focussing on Australian ethical, legal, professional, and cultural matters, provided at a rate of at least one hour per fortnight.
  • Pass the National Psychology Exam

Successful completion of a transitional program also requires the demonstration of competence in:

  • ethical, legal and professional matters as relevant to the Australian context, and
  • working with people from diverse groups as relevant to the Australian context

The National Psychology Exam
Transitioning psychologists must also pass the National Psychology exam which assesses applied psychological knowledge and helps demonstrate that the provisional psychologist has an appropriate level of applied professional knowledge and competence. At the College of Professional Psychology, we have a library of Board recommended exam readings, e-learning exam preparation modules and NPE study groups guided by an experienced supervisor to support your success.


To enrol in our Transition Program, you must be a psychologist with overseas qualifications seeking to become generally registered in Australia.

Program applicants are required to undergo a selection process that consists of an application and a structured interview. This process gives both the applicant and the College the opportunity to ensure that our program fits with your individual needs and goals.


The College of Professional Psychology was founded on the principle that by providing psychologists with the best professional and practical skills, they can go on to make a positive contribution to the mental well-being of the wider community.

Our supervisors, keen to give back and support the psychology profession, provide their time and expertise at a rate that allows us to keep our program fees to a minimum.

Your Transition Program fees are calculated after your interview based on your learning needs and working hours, which will define your program needs.