5+1 Psychology Registration Internship Program

Due to COVID-19, all professional development and supervision can now be undertaken online.

Program at a glance

Internship Program: 5+1 pathway to general registration
Description: Your final year of supervised, generalist practical training
Objectives: To embrace the eight core competencies across all psychology practice in order to be eligible for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA).
Length: 1 year full time: 44 weeks
Program: Placement: up to 35 hours required per week
Supervision: 80 hours over one year
Professional Development: 60 hours over one year
Outcome: Eligibility for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia;
The College of Professional Psychology’s Diploma of Psychological Practice.
Eligibility: You must have completed an approved five year tertiary psychology qualification.

Our 5+1 Psychology Registration Internship Program meets the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) for registration as a provisional psychologist whilst preparing you for PsyBA general registration.

We provide a flexible and integrated learning program comprising of online workshops, e-learning modules and elective professional development workshops to ensure that you receive all the knowledge needed to address the National Psychology Exam curriculum and achieve the PsyBA core competencies.

The core competencies and attributes of the 5+1 internship program that must be achieved by the provisional psychologist are:

  1. knowledge of the discipline
  2. ethical, legal and professional matters
  3. psychological assessment and measurement
  4. intervention strategies
  5. research and evaluation
  6. communication and interpersonal relationships
  7. working within a cross-cultural context
  8. practice across the lifespan.

Program components

To meet PsyBA requirements, the four key learning components of the 5+1 internship are:

1. Placement (Psychological Practice)

We provide

help securing psychological work placements that are approved by PsyBA.

0 hours
44 weeks full time minimum 500 hours direct client contact (of which 60 hours can be simulated client contact) and the remainder client-related activities

2. Supervision

We provide

PsyBA approved principal and secondary supervisors to mentor, guide and support you.
0 hours
total supervision

3. Professional Development

We provide

a range of specifically developed, practically oriented, skills based activities included in workshops such as case scenarios and role plays as well as convenient e-learning modules.

0 hours
0 hours in total


The key component of the internship program is psychological practice, also referred to as placement. This is securing employment in the workforce in a psychological capacity which is approved by PsyBA.

A total of 1,360 hours must be completed. A minimum of 500 hours of the provisional psychologist’s placement must involve direct or face-to-face client contact (60 of these hours may involve simulated client contact). This includes performing specific tasks of psychological assessment, intervention and prevention. The remainder of the time comprises client-related activities such as problem formulation, writing case notes and reports.

We provide pre-placement support to help you secure suitable psychology placements that meet PsyBA psychological practice requirements. This support is tailored to your individual needs and includes reviewing resumes, job search techniques and strategies, interviewing practice and coaching.

The aim is to find placement roles that are paid.


Supervision provides the provisional psychologist with a professionally stimulating and supportive opportunity for growth. Our Board-approved supervisors work with you to prepare a supervised practice program in accordance with the latest PsyBA guidelines. A mentoring relationship provides direction, guidance and instructive critique to assist you in meeting your professional goals. This process is fundamental to achieving PsyBA core competencies. Our supervisors provide training, supervision and oral and written feedback about your progress.

Over the course of the program, you will be given the opportunity to work with a variety of the College’s supervisors who have a diverse range of specialities and areas of interest, providing a rich and varied learning experience. All our supervisors are current practitioners.

Professional Development

The purpose of professional development (PD) is to increase the skill level of provisional psychologists across all core competencies of professional practice. PD must be undertaken in each core capability including psychological assessment and diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions and theoretical and empirical knowledge of psychological principles.

PD is an essential feature of training. Our program provides you with everything you need to develop and meet the Board’s key competencies whilst preparing you for the National Psychology Examination. We provide a range of specifically developed, practically oriented, skills based activities including workshops, lectures, class room activities and role plays.

All our professional development activities are delivered online.

4. Assessment Tasks and National Psychology Exam

We provide

support from supervisors with explicit knowledge and experience in the preparation of Board assessment tasks across all core competencies;

training in and access to a range of Board approved mandatory and elective psychometric assessments;

case reports;

assistance with your preparation for the National Psychology Examination by giving you unlimited access to the College’s library of Board recommended exam readings and the College’s practice exam.

Assessment of core competencies

The successful completion of Board assessment tasks is fundamental to achieving general registration.

For each of the core competencies, PsyBA requires specific training objectives and detailed assessment tasks to be completed progressively over the period of the internship. Progress reports must be provided by the supervisor and submitted to the Board by the provisional psychologist every six months. The Colleges’ Professional Development activities along with our guidance and support with these assessment tasks are what sets us apart.

Case reports

Case reports are a major component of the internship. They are an educational and developmental process intended to help the provisional psychologist cultivate and refine clinical skills and demonstrate clinical competence under appropriate supervision.

Four case reports (supervisor assessed) must be completed by the provisional psychologist during the internship, two must be focused on assessment of a client and two focused on intervention. One assessment and one intervention case report, must be assessed by the Board to ensure that they demonstrate competence. Our supervisors support and guide you through the preparation of these, we provide training on writing case reports and we provide a review process ensuring case reports are of a high standard and more likely to meet with Board approval when submitted.

National Psychology Exam

The provisional psychologist must pass the National Psychology Exam during the final year of the internship. At the College of Professional Psychology, we have a library of Board recommended exam readings and practice exams. Our interns have unlimited access to the library along with exam preparation guidance from our supervisors.


To enrol in our 5+1 Psychology Registration Internship Program, you must have completed an approved five year tertiary psychology qualification.

Program applicants are required to undergo a selection process which consists of a structured interview and an assessment. This process gives both the applicant and the College the opportunity to ensure that our program fits with your individual needs and goals.

Experience has shown us successful applicants need to demonstrate motivation, personal organisation, determination, flexibility and a desire to gain practical experience.

Students with Overseas Qualifications

Overseas psychology qualifications will have to be assessed for their Australian equivalence by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

You may need to provide proof of proficiency in English. This involves getting a score of 7.0 or more in an International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

More information can be found on the Psychology Board of Australia website .


The College of Professional Psychology was founded on the principle that by providing psychologists with the best professional and practical skills, they can go on to make a positive contribution to the mental wellbeing of the wider community.

Our supervisors, keen to give back and support the psychology profession, provide their time and expertise at a rate that allows us to keep our program fees to a minimum.

5+1 program: $15,000

(payable in 4 x instalments)

The fees cover all components of the registration program including assistance with finding placement, regular individual and group supervision, professional development workshops, e-learning modules and other online networking opportunities. Also included is access to psychometric tests, assistance with submitting paperwork to AHPRA, workshop notes and resources.

Why choose the College of Professional Psychology?

  • We remove the guess work for meeting PsyBA internship program requirements whilst ensuring you are fully prepared for the National Psychology Examination and general registration with PsyBA.
  • We provide unparalleled assistance with your preparation for the National Psychology Examination by giving you unlimited access to the College’s library of Board recommended exam readings and practice exams.
  • We help you to secure psychological practice placements that meet PsyBA requirements. Over 80% of our interns work full time in paid placements.
  • We provide you with all the supervision and professional development required to meet PsyBA requirements.
  • Our track record. All of our interns who have completed our program have achieved general registration as a registered psychologist with PsyBA.
  • We provide advice on AHPRA guidelines and assistance with the completion of documentation required by PsyBA.
  • You can work in a variety of placements to gain a broader practical experience.
  • You will have between two to four principal supervisors over the duration of your internship and have access to our network of psychologists and accredited professionals working in diverse organisations.
  • On successful completion of our program you will be awarded the College of Professional Psychology’s Diploma of Psychological Practice.

Good to know

  • The Psychology Board of Australia grants you ‘provisional registration’ so you can complete a period of supervised practice for general registration.
  • General registration as a psychologist involves at least six years of education and training.
  • The start date of your internship program is the date the Board approves your provisional registration and you have a Board approved job role.

  • Our program is structured to enable you to complete your internship in two years.
  • You can enrol with us at any time of the year.