The College of Professional Psychology was established in 1993. For over 25 years, we have been providing comprehensive programs that bridge the gap between tertiary studies and a career as a registered psychologist.

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the mental well-being of the wider community by expanding the competencies and practical experience of psychologists.

We achieve this by providing the most comprehensive psychology registration programs in Australia. We deliver a curriculum that is innovative and current whilst meeting Board approval. We also support provisional psychologists completing their higher degrees whilst working in psychological practice and psychologists transitioning from overseas qualifications to general registration in Australia.

Our accredited supervisors, workshop facilitators, and college staff provide personalised attention and support to help interns achieve their career goals. Our programs are relevant, practical and skills-oriented, ensuring graduates are fully prepared for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Building on their academic achievements, our students develop a broad range of practical and professional skills that are readily applicable to a variety of employment settings. We take pride in seeing our graduates go on to enjoy successful careers in a wide range of professional settings, such as private practice, rehabilitation, and community mental health.