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National 5+1 Psychology Registration Program

Program at a Glance

5+1 pathway to general registration

Your final year of supervised, generalist practical training

To demonstrate achievement of the eight core competencies across all psychology practice in order to be eligible for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA)

1 year full-time

Placement: up to 35 hours required per week
Supervision: up to 62 hours of individual supervision (52 hours of face-to-face, 10 hours are asynchronous) and up to 24 hours of group supervision (1×2 hours group per month)
Professional Development: 60+ hours over one year

Eligibility for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia

You must have completed an approved five year tertiary psychology qualification

Our National 5+1 Psychology Registration Program supports your development as an emerging early career psychologist, building on the knowledge and skill gained in your 5th-year degree and prepares you for PsyBA general registration.

We provide a flexible and integrated learning program comprising core learning modules with self-directed activities, references and resources and live interactive workshops as well as additional elective e-learning modules to boost your knowledge and ensure you are able to consolidate all the skills needed to achieve the PsyBA core competencies and prepare for the National Psychology Exam. Our program also provides opportunities to connect with peers and learn from a range of experts in the field, developing your network as you embrace your early career as an emerging professional.

The core competencies of the 5+1 registration program to be achieved by the provisional psychologist over the course of the internship are:

  • Knowledge of the discipline
  • Ethical, legal and professional matters
  • Psychological assessment and measurement
  • Intervention strategies
  • Research and evaluation
  • Communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Working within a cross-cultural context
  • Practice across the lifespan

Program Structure

Individual Supervision

We provide you with PsyBA approved principal supervisors to mentor, guide and support you with weekly individual supervision sessions. You will also have access to secondary supervisors if needed.

Group Supervision

You will have the opportunity to attend monthly group supervision, which will allow you to expand your professional network while collaborating with peers. Additionally, it offers a unique learning experience by exposing you to diverse supervision styles and a wide spectrum of expertise among supervisors.

Professional Development

Our Professional Development modules focus on applied skills and are designed to align with the domains of the National Psychology Exam, ensuring you meet the core competencies required for registration as a psychologist. Modules cover a range of contemporary practice topics and are delivered by practicing clinicians with subject matter expertise. Our PD modules will help you build advanced skills in psychological assessment, treatment planning, intervention delivery and evaluation, and the application of ethical principles for future independent practice. Additional elective e-learning modules offer opportunities to consolidate and extend your knowledge at your own pace, while you progress towards your early career.

Case Reports

The Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) requires provisional psychologists on the 5+1 pathway to write 4 case reports. Our program supports your success by offering a dedicated case report module including a full day workshop, templates, reference guides and a case report review panel. The panel's aim is to provide extra feedback prior to the submission of your case reports to the Board.

National Psychology Exam Preparation

Preparing for the National Psychology Exam can be anxiety provoking. Our comprehensive program is designed to cover the four exam domains, to support your preparation for the exam throughout the duration of your program. In addition, we offer e-learning modules, a library of exam curriculum readings, exam preparation groups and other resources, all aimed to guide and facilitate your studies and help you feel confident and prepared as you approach the exam.

Program and Learning Support (PALS) including placement support

Our program and learning support (PaLS) team is available and ready to check in on your progress, answer your questions and provide personalised guidance on your program. They will be able to provide you with guidance on program components, PsyBA expectations, as well as support with personal circumstances and their impact on your program.

PaLS complements the support you receive from your supervisor and facilitates the smooth and timely achievement of your general registration as a Psychologist in Australia.

PaLS can also provide job-seeking support if you don't yet have an approved job role for your internship year.

AHPRA Requirements

Psychological Practice
Professional Development

1500 hours in total

Our programs will give you the opportunity to access the College’s resources and services, which will meet all the above requirements and more.


To enroll in our 5+1 Psychology Registration Program, you must have completed an approved five-year tertiary psychology qualification.

Program applicants are required to undergo a selection process that consists of an application and a structured interview. This process gives both the applicant and the College the opportunity to ensure that our program fits with your individual needs and goals.
Students with Overseas Qualifications
Overseas psychology qualifications will have to be assessed for their Australian equivalence by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).
The College does offer a Transition Program for students who have had their qualifications assessed, to support their achievement of General Registration in Australia.


The College of Professional Psychology was founded on the principle that by providing psychologists with the best professional and practical skills, they can go on to make a positive contribution to the mental well-being of the wider community.

Our supervisors, keen to give back and support the psychology profession, provide their time and expertise at a rate that allows us to keep our program fees to a minimum.

5+1 program: $16,500

(payable in 4 x instalments)

The fees cover all components of the registration program, including regular individual and group supervision, professional development workshops, e-learning modules, assistance with finding placement if needed and other online networking opportunities. Also included is access to psychometric tests, assistance with submitting paperwork to AHPRA, workshop notes and resources.

Why choose the College of Professional Psychology?

  • We remove the guess work for meeting PsyBA internship program requirements whilst ensuring you are fully prepared for the National Psychology Examination and general registration with PsyBA.
  • We support your success in the National Psychology Examination by giving you unlimited access to the College’s library of Board recommended exam readings, e-learning exam preparation modules and NPE study groups guided by an experienced supervisor.
  • We help you to secure psychological practice placements that meet PsyBA requirements. Over 95% of our interns work full-time in paid placements.
  • We provide you with all the supervision and professional development required to meet PsyBA requirements.
  • Our track record. All of our interns who have completed our program have achieved general registration as a registered psychologist with PsyBA.
  • We provide advice on AHPRA guidelines and assistance with the completion of documentation required by PsyBA.
  • You can work in a variety of placements to gain a broader practical experience.
  • You will have guidance and support from a range of supervisors over the duration of your program and have access to our network of psychologists and accredited professionals working in diverse organisations.

Good to know

  • The Psychology Board of Australia grants you ‘provisional registration’ so you can complete a period of supervised practice for general registration.
  • General registration as a psychologist involves at least six years of education and training.
  • The start date of your internship program is the date the Board approves your provisional registration and you have a Board approved job role.
  • You can enrol with us at any time of the year.